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Stairs & Rails Installation, Repair,  Refinishing

From Sanding and Refinishing to regular Repair


Stair and Rail Installation

Here at LifeTime Home Services we are able to provide you a number of options for your staircases. From sanding and finishing existing stair treads, to complete stair and rail replacement, we have all the knowledge and experience to bring new life to your home’s staircases, or to replace them and give you the stairs you have always wanted!

Choosing a new stain color, adding post detailing, or installing decorative railings and spindles can update the entire appearance of your room and make it look modern and fresh.


Repair and 


Have you been losing sleep due to squeaky or creaky stairs? Is the carpet runner of your staircase beginning to peel back, causing issues with foot traffic and vacuuming? Whether you're sick of noisy stair behavior or you have an older home that's crying out for interior renovation, LifeTime Home Services is the team of contractors to contact and to trust for your residential flooring needs.

Stair Tread Wood Varieties We Offer

  • Oak stair treads

  • Maple stair treads

  • Cherrywood stair treads

  • Walnut stair treads,

  • Mahogany stair treads,

  • Exotic stair tread wood species,

  • And more!

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