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Our team offers high-touch, end-to-end design services for residential and commercial projects

Painting Wall

As much as anyone can paint, there is much to the painting ideas that just picking up a brush and a bucket of high-quality interior house paint. Painting your home's interior is more than just a maintenance project. It's often the simplest and most economical way to transform the look of your entire home.

Hiring a local painter to tackle your interior painting project is the easiest way to get the job done quickly, neatly, and with the best possible results. A painting contractor will provide the right materials for the job and complete any necessary repair and prep work to ensure a beautiful and lasting finish

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We even install drywall to the walls and ceiling of your home. It all depends on which areas you will have these drywall installed in. We will make sure that each drywall panel will be installed correctly so that they won't accidentally collapse

Taping & Finishing

Whether it's applying a tape coat for fire rating, a Level 5 Finish or matching an existing texture, our skilled craftsmen can meet your needs

Rolls of Wallpaper

Wall Covering

Creative Wallcoverings and Interiors is a full-service residential interior design firm, offering a comprehensive portfolio of superior interior design services

Wallpaper is the magical ingredient that has the ability to transform a space from the ordinary into the extraordinary. Dressing your walls and ceilings is the modern day fashion statement. The addition of a texture, a geometric pattern, or a subtle wash of color can transform any room


Crown Molding Installation

Crown Molding and Wainscoting can transform your house into a beautiful and impressive home. 


With all of the molding options available, crown is by far the most popular. By having our designer pick the right size with a balance of elegant curves and distinguished angles it elevates a room’s stature, drawing the eye up to the ceiling to create a cohesive and polished look for the space. 

By adding a decorative crown between walls and ceiling will add character to ANY room

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