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Cabinet Refinishing

If you are looking for an professional cabinet refinisher to completely restore your cabinets, Lifetime Home Services Refinishers is the solution. We can smooth and beautify old cabinet doors and surfaces for a fresh new look. With cabinet refinishing, you can customize your kitchen or bathroom current design in a variety of ways in less time and at a lower cost than remodeling. In less than 4 days, you can have a refreshed kitchen or bathroom within your budget.

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The Best Cabinet Refinishing Products

Superior Cabinet Refinishing

​Refinishing your cabinets can dramatically change the look and style of your kitchen and bathroom

Our cabinet refinishing services costs a fraction of what a full cabinet replacement might cost and even 30-50% less than cabinet refacing. 

Our process starts with sanding, cleaning and priming your cabinets, ensuring the best adhesive surface. We then apply a new color finish to your cabinets. 

We can also refresh your cabinets by installing a New & Trending Cabinet Hardware

Our Cabinet Refinishing Process is Simple and Quick 

  • After gently removing the cabinet hardware, and masking our professionals clean and prep the cabinet by sanding, and removing any grease or dirt.

  • When the time comes to paint the cabinets and frames, the floors are covered and the room is sealed with plastic as to prevent dust or paint from spreading to the rest of your home.

  • We use Satin or Gloss  waterborne coating specifically formulated for use by an HVLP system to ensure a smooth, high-quality application

  • After painting the doors, drawers and the cabinets frame , We will install the existing or new hardware to add that special updated look to your cabinets.

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